Boubyan Bank recently announced its partnership with DarisniDARS Learning’s innovative app designed for students seeking extra help with their studies after school.  The partnership is aimed at helping students studying in grades – 9, 10, 11, & 12 continue their education online, especially given the exceptional strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on the traditional education system.  

The official signing of the agreement was attended Noor Boodai, Founder & CEO of DARS, Omar Al Madani, CTO at DARS, and Boubyan Bank, Executive Director of Communications and Institutional Relations Department, Qutaiba Saleh Al-Bassam, as well as key executives from both companies.  

Commenting on the partnership, Al-Bassam said that Boubyan’s goal of entering into strategic partnerships with many well-known applications in the recent period aims to give the Bank’s customers more options, giving them access to distinctive services and products. Boubyan Bank’s move comes in response to the technological developments that the world has witnessed in recent years prompting the Bank to invest more in digital banking services, especially those targeted to the youth.  

He also added that Darisni is a unique mobile application fulfilling one of the most important needs of our children  education; in their quintessential growth years – the schooling years, especially secondary education which is critical to their further studies and consequent career paths.  

Darisni, which is DARS’ maiden project was designed after years of research in to the everyday challenges that students’ face when looking for assistance with their courses after school. With private tutoring being expensive and sometimes unreachable, Darisni gave students a way to access on-demand tutoring, while also providing them various tools like online study paths and assessment tests, that further enhanced their self-study effort.  

“We’re extremely happy to have signed this strategic partnership with Boubyan Bank. It has been our continuous effort to make education more accessible to students everywhere and joining hands with Boubyan has further strengthened our endeavor. We hope that the “Study with Boubyan” effort reaches students across Kuwait, especially given the current scenario with COVID-19 that has presented unprecedented challenges for educational community,” said Noor Boodai, Founder & CEO of DARS. 

Al-Bassam emphasized that the ability to access education in the comfort and safety of your home was what piqued Boubyan’s interest in the application. The learning methodology used by the Company is in line with the Bank’s strategy to expand their digital services, that have now become an essential part of people’s daily lives. 

Al-Bassam further explained that online education in all its forms presents a flexible alternative to traditional education in addition to giving students accessibility to quality learning and allowing students to choose from a plethora of courses in addition to helping them develop studying skills, enhancing their sense of responsibility and improving their time management skills 

Omar Al Madani, CTO at DARS praised the Boubyan Bank’s efforts towards digital transformation of the banking industry, offering tech-solutions to the bank’s customershe added that “We’re very happy to collaborate with Boubyan Bank to support the efforts to take the education sector into the digital era whether in Kuwait or Middle East, especially during challenging times created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One of the most prominent benefits of the partnership is that it will award 500 client wards pursuing their secondary education (grades 9-12) a onemonth subscription that the Bank has pre-purchased from Darisni. “Boubyan Bank, through its social media platforms, will select these 500 students, taking into account the periods when students need the most help especially closer to the exams,” said Al-Bassam. 

“The process does not end with merely awarding subscriptions, Boubyan will continue to monitor the selected students’ performance through the 2020-2021 academic year, and at the end of the year, the best performing students will be honored, in this most challenging of school years, where pupils have had to rely on online study,” concluded Al-Bassam