Darisni, DARS’ award-winning e-learning platform, recently announced the winners of its Summer campaign. The initiative was launched in light of the disruption caused by COVID-19 to education continuity. The campaign was held in collaboration with Ktech and AlKhalid Auto, and was meant to encourage students to continue working hard on their studies despite the circumstances. The winning Darisni students, Naser Bader Ghadban and Abdullah Abdulaziz Boneel received a scholarship from Ktech University and a car from AlKhalid Auto respectively.

Naser Bader Ghadban, studying at Mohammed Al Nashmi High School won the first prize, and will be joining Ktech on a scholarship, starting in the 2021 Spring Semester. Second prize winner, Abdullah Abdulaziz Boneel, from Salman Al Adasani High School, won a full option Soueast DX3 car, courtesy of Al Khalid Auto.

“Dars’ effort has always been to support education, and 2020 was especially challenging to school-going students, who were taken out of their learning environments, forced to cope with a pandemic. While we rolled out several campaigns to make learning more accessible through the Darisni platform, the Summer Campaign, was our way of encouraging students to continue working hard. I would like to congratulate both our winners on their spectacular performance during the exams, and wish them all the very best for their future. A special thanks to our partners, K-Tech and AlKhalid Auto, for helping us lift the students’ morale by bringing this campaign to life,” said Noor Boodai, Founder & CEO, Dars.

Sponsors for the first prize, Kuwait Technical College (K-Tech), K-Tech offers a wide variety of opportunities for both students and instructors. K-Tech provides a journey that will allow you to specialize in either Information Science and Technology (IT) or Business Management (BM), and gain valuable certificates that are a stepping stone to your future in the workplace. “We would like to congratulate the student Nasser Bader Ghadban for winning a scholarship at Kuwait Technical College, and we at K-Tech believe that it is our social responsibility to encourage students to continue their education and build a better future,” said Mishari Boodai, Chairman, Ktech.



With driving being a highlight of the beginning of university life, co-sponsors Al Khalid Auto wanted to add safety and style to the winners’ life. Commenting on the occasion, CEO, Khalid Al Khalid said, We at AlKhalid Auto are delighted to work with Darisni to serve the youth of Kuwait. This collaborative campaign with Darisni is part of our corporate social responsibility outreach program, and hope that this gesture of appreciation will encourage more students to perform better and reach out for their dreams.”

 Since its inception Dars’ has led the region in meeting the demand of today’s digital educators and learners, through adaptive and accessible educational tools that go beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all, rigid paper-based learning. Darisni, which is DARS’ maiden project was designed after years of research in to the everyday challenges that students’ face when looking for assistance with their courses after school. With private tutoring being expensive and sometimes unreachable, Darisni gives students a way to access on-demand tutoring, while also providing them various tools like online study paths and assessment tests, that further enhance their self-study effort.