The first learning app in the Arab World

Darisni provides a comprehensive and personalized learning experience with instant private tutoring, educational content and practice exams at affordable prices

All round learning tools to improve class performance and grades

Learning videos

Short and interactive videos for various subjects and topics

Instant tutoring

Connect with our on-demand tutors within 60 seconds

Practice exams

Practice with exams from previous years that will be graded instantly. Check answers and solution steps.

Affordable plans

Payment plans for every budget

Learning paths

Learn at your own pace with a guided path directly mapped to your curriculum that includes videos, exercises, quizzes and midterms.

Access anytime/anywhere

24 x 7 access on your smart phone or tablet

Tutoring minutes
Trained Tutors
Registered users
Countries served

Parents, monitor your children’s performance


Darisni’s parent app is now available

Stay abreast of your children’s study activities: tutoring sessions, videos watched and quizzes taken! Darisni parent app is designed carefully to identify exactly where and when our child needs support.

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Parent Interface

Real time student activity notifications

Know when your child has completed a lesson, finished an exam or watched a specific video

Detailed performance reports

Know the areas where your child needs help and get smart recommendations

Seamless account management

Keep track of children’s subscriptions and course progress

One app to connect Teachers and Students

Teacher App

Chat with class

Detailed performance reports

Chat with students (if a student requests a chat and teacher approves)

Chat with parents (if parent requests a chat and teacher approves)

Upload assignments and discuss them with the class

Send announcements


Saood Al Najdi
Grade 11 Student, Kuwait

I won’t forget how Darisni helped me during my exams. When I get stuck solving an equation, within seconds, I can get connected to a tutor to help me clarify the doubts I have.

Saeed Muhieaddine
Grade 10 Student, Lebanon

What I like the most about Darisni, is that I can watch educational videos for all the subjects at any time.

Dina Adnan
Grade 10 Student, Jordan

The lesson was beneficial. Thanks to the people behind this app, it raised my morale. I loved it!

Have a question in mind?

Common Questions

1. How do tutors explain?

Our tutors are carefully selected and they go through rigorous testing. They follow “learning through feedback” to ensure students understand the subject matter

3. Can you help me improve my grades?

Our platform provides a comprehensive learning experience that allows you to select the most appropriate method that suits your leaning style. Select from a full learning path, private tutoring sessions, short videos, exercises or previous exams.

2. When will you have videos for my grade?

We are constantly adding videos and plan to cover all grades very soon. Check our app regularly for updates

4. How can I trust your content and tutors?

We take meticulous care to conduct curricula analysis for various grades based on a professional committees that consists of Subject Matter Experts, Instructional designers and more before a video is produced. Consequently, our tutors go through a stringent proficiency testing phase before they get selected into our system