What is Darisni and how does it work?

Darisni is the first mobile, interactive and on-demand application in the Middle East for tutoring. The application allows you to get help with your homework and studies at any time and from anywhere through connecting you within moments with specialized tutors.

Can I use Darisni Application on iOS devices?


Can I use Darisni Application on Android devices?


What subjects do you currently offer?

We provide tutoring for the subjects of Arabic, English, Math and Science (in both English and Arabic). We are planning to add other subject areas soon.

What curriculums do you teach?

At Darisni, we don’t follow any specific curriculums. All our tutors are trained to answer your questions on topics from offered subjects irrespective of curriculum.

What grades or age groups do you teach?

At Darisni, we offer help for all age groups and grades. Whether you are in Elementary School or College, we are ready to help you in the subjects offered.

How do I know that the tutors are providing me with correct explanations?

Our tutors are carefully selected and they go through rigorous testing, interviewing and training processes to get licensed to tutor. They are closely monitored by quality managers, and they undergo professional development programs on a regular basis.

Why do not tutors just provide me with the answers directly and quickly?

Our tutoring approach is to show you “how” to reach a solution for your question and not provide you with ready answers.

Can I request a certain tutor?

No. Our tutors are selected and trained following the same rigorous criteria. Rest assured that any of our tutors will be qualified to address your learning needs.

Can a tutor see me or hear me?

Absolutely not. We take privacy seriously at Darisni. Darisni is a text-chatting platform and is not designed to access your camera without your knowledge. For more information, you can access our “Privacy Policy” and “Term & Conditions” from the Darisni app or at www.darisni.me

How long does it take to answer a question?

At Darisni, we show you “how” to reach a solution for your question rather than provide you with ready answers. Explanation is broken down into steps that we walk you through. The length of a session depends on the complexity of your question and also on your learning pace. On average and from our experience, a question could take 10 minutes to explain and answer.

I have only few minutes left in my account. I am worried that these minutes are not enough?

We strongly advise you to add credit to your account using one of our packages before requesting a tutor to avoid any possible disruption of your learning in the middle of a tutoring session.

How can I purchase credit?

We offer various packages that meet your needs that can be purchased using multiple payment options including Knet, Visa, MasterCard and OneCard. You can purchase credit by accessing “my profile” page in the App.

I don’t have access to credit or debit cards. How can I purchase credits?

We are continuously working on adding new payments options including Cash-On-Delivery. For now, we accept OneCard payments that can be purchased from various stores. For a list of stores in your area, please visit www.onecard.net.

What if I have a question about Darisni or a complaint?

Please direct any questions or complaints to support@darisni.me and a member from our team will follow-up with you.

I could not find a phone number to contact you?

Please email us at support@darisni.me and a member from our team will follow-up with you.

Can I become a Tutor at Darisni?

We are always on the look for new qualified tutors. Please contact us at jobs@darisni.me