It is simple – We have figured it out for you

How many times as a school or college student (or even as a parent) have you struggled with solving a homework question or preparing for an exam and needed immediate help and it was simply not there. You had to locate a tutor schedule for the next few days, spend valuable time in making a trip to meet your tutor and spending at least 2 hours of tutoring time and expenses to make it worthwhile for the tutor to see you.

We here at Darisni figured it out for you. Get the help you need with Darisni when you need it from the comfort of your home exactly right to the point, at your own pace and only to the extent of time you determine. If you know how to use your smart phone, then you are set to go with a click of a button.


And how did Darisni figure it out?

We are a team of Educators, Information Technologies and Management consulting team with extensive international experience and post graduates degrees from leading international universities. Some of our founders, designers and development team includes students just like you who experienced firsthand the limitations and stagnation of the current traditional education services.

We have a clear vision. We are passionate and determined to provide innovative mobile learning solutions in the Middle East through the integration of cutting edge yet easy to use technologies with the learning process.